THE MISSION: To give diverse high-school students hands-on exposure and experience in creating content in a real world setting.

WHAT IS THE BRIC CREATIVE ACADEMY? A two-day intensive project challenge for teams to ideate, develop, and produce new content.  Types of content and topics will vary.

WHAT WAS THE CHALLENGE? There were two tracks: VFX and UX. The VFX track pitched a 30 second Anti-Smoking PSA using VFX on Day 1 and a VR Game on Day 2. The UX track created a design document and user experience for a VR “Museum of the Future”

HOW DID IT WORK? The students were split up into teams. We had a group of industry expert “coaches” split up to guide and mentor the teams on their projects and assist them with creating their projects.

WHEN WAS IT? Saturday May 4th, 2019 through Sunday May 5th, 2019 at Framestore in Culver City.

WHAT WAS INCLUDED?  Framestore provided all equipment, materials, meals, and travel to and from the studio for both days of the event.


The Coaches

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Framestore VFX Flier.jpg