Ruel Pascual

Art Director, Night School Studio

Ruel Pascual started his animation and art career in video games in the Bay Area at Cinemaware in 2002. He joined Blur Studio in 2003 where he worked on numerous video game cutscenes, tv commercials, and feature films. He later worked on DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda Secrets of the Furious Five.

He wanted to work back into game production so he joined Double Fine to work on Brutal Legend, Stacking, Costume Quest, Once Upon A Monster, and The Cave. He also served his time at Disney Consumer Products Interactive Media creating IOS games for Disney and Pixar IPs like Inside Out, Finding Dory, Frozen, and Big Hero 6.

He joined Night School Studio and has worked on Oxenfree and Mr. Robot. Currently Ruel is the Art Director on their next story game Afterparty. He also taught art and animation at the Art Institute. In his spare time he enjoys, painting, sculpting, and playing video games.