form: -Ing Creative Festival

-Ing Creative Festival

Dubai Design District

11–13 April 2019


Creativity is at the heart of the 5th -Ing Creative Festival in Dubai. Lectures and workshops will focus on how consumer-oriented models can be developed to harness creative potential. In addition to the annual set-up of the festival, workshops on the topic will be offered regularly in order to establish such approaches sustainably and alongside social processes.

It is well known that the so-called creative scene achieves its results through creative processes. Many young as well as increasingly more established companies use similar working methods. The -Ing Creative Festival provides the opportunity of learning from those that do: What does the perfect pitch look like? What are leadership competencies and how do you learn them? How does storytelling work? These are just a few of the questions seeking answers over the three days.

Highlights include Natasha Jen of Pentagram, explaining a branding process close to her heart, Josh Herman of Marvel, talking about how Marvel approaches character building, and set designer Firas Abou Fakher of Mashrou Leila. Also worthy of mention are the workshops held by four-time Emmy winner Nicole Hendrix on pitching and Guggenheim curator Sara Raza on career advice for creative people.

Visitors can also look forward to an artists’ market open to the public.

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