BRIC + Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn Workshop

Alison Mann and Nicole Hendrix journeyed to Malta, to represent BRIC at the 7th Annual Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn Art Conference. September 22-29, 2019. THU is for creators from all areas of the digital entertainment industry, including sound designers, game and VR developers, entrepreneurs, marketers and digital artists of all kinds.

BRIC hosted a workshop called “Flip the Script: Reinventing Inclusion and Pursing Diversity in Storytelling” with Maggie Malone, where participants were first given the data about who is invisible on screen, and then were separated into production companies where they selected a beloved IP and then “fliiped” it to make it more diverse. Some of the pitched projects were Die Hard , retold as a mother/daughter Korean drama starring Sandra Oh, Back to the Future retold with doc as a disabled female Russian scientist, and Pinocchio retold as a Middle Eastern non-binary coming of age story with Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness as the Blue Fairy. The workshop was received very well and BRIC will be taking in on the road. Email us if you’re wanting the workshop to come to your event or place of business.

BRIC was also involved in THU’s efforts to diversify the attendees of the event and provided profiles from artists in the Middle East and Africa to attend the event. Nicole Hendrix hosted the THU + BRIC interview series, Connecting Perspectives, highlighting some of these individuals that will be out in the upcoming months.

As a THU Knight, Alison Mann also gave a keynote on “Manifesting the Fork in the Road” about how to get what you want out of your career and your life.

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